Kid’s Fiction

The Crystal Cave Adventures

Call me a nerd, but I love rocks and stories about time travel! My first fiction series for kids is called the Crystal Cave Adventures. This series is perfect for kids who love rocks, time travel, and adventure! The series has a free prequel, three novels, and corresponding activity books. The fourth novel and activity book will be released in 2020!

In the Crystal Cave Adventures, teens Emma and Brody travel through time to collect rare rock and mineral samples for a friend whose prized collection was destroyed by vandals. While they help to rebuild the collection, they learn the secret behind why the collection was destroyed in the first place! As more secrets are revealed, the kids learn that life is more connected than they ever imagined.

In each book, Emma and Brody travel through time and space to collect a rare mineral sample. You would think that would be easy…NOPE! But, they always find a way no matter how many people, or kangaroos, are chasing them. See what they have collected so far!

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