Crystal Cave Adventures Activity Books for Kids

The adventures may be fiction, but the rocks and minerals that Emma, Brody, and Max collect and the locations in the novels are real. Through the Crystal Cave Adventures activity book, your kids will love discovering the interesting facts and science behind these exciting stories.

In each activity book kids will enjoy:

  • Crossword, Word Search and Hidden Message Puzzles,
  • Fun Facts Behind the Story and Locations,
  • Details about the Rocks and Minerals in the Story,
  • Experiments and Activities to Do at Home,
  • Online Scavenger Hunt,
  • Character Details and Secrets,
  • Write-Your-Own Story Activities, and
  • Story Quizzes.

Where to Buy the Activity Books

You can buy the Crystal Cave Adventures Activity Books where ever books are sold and at the Mini Me Geology website.

Blue John’s Cavern Activity Book:
Rusher’s Gold Activity Book: (link coming soon!)
Black’s Opal Activity Book: (link coming soon!)