Blue John’s Cavern

Time travel rocks!
Nothing interesting ever happens in Diamond Falls, West Virginia, and that’s doubly true for local teenagers Emma and Brody. Little do they know that their neighbor, a famous geologist, is about to show them the wildest time of their lives.

When Mr. M’s prized rock and mineral collection is destroyed before it can be displayed at the state museum, Emma and Brody jump at the chance to find new samples. The geologist accepts the offer, and promptly sends them back to the year 1775 to help!

Back in time and across the pond in Derbyshire, England, Emma and Brody team with a mysterious young girl named Max to recover one of the rarest minerals in the world: Blue John Fluorite. Tapping into courage they never knew they had, the formerly ordinary West Virginians must protect a cave, avoid gun-toting soldiers, and return to the present before they’re trapped forever.

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Praise for Blue John’s Cavern: “A rip-roaring adventure for Emma and Brody as they search to replace a rare mineral for their neighbor after his house is robbed, this book is a great combination of adventure and education, as scientific facts and information is cleverly peppered throughout the tale, so that the audience hardly realizes they’re learning along the way. Can’t wait for more Crystal Cave Adventures!” -Amazon Customer

For more fun and games, get the Blue John’s Cavern Activity Book, too!

If you loved the novel Blue John’s Cavern, keep the excitement rolling with this activity book!

In this activity book kids will enjoy:

  • Crossword, Word Search and Hidden Message Puzzles,
  • Fun Facts Behind the Story and Locations,
  • Details about the Rocks and Minerals in the Story,
  • Experiments to do at home,
  • Online Scavenger Hunt,
  • Character Details and Secrets,
  • Write-Your-Own Story Activities, and
  • Story Quizzes.

The adventure may be fiction, but the Blue John Fluorite and the locations in the novel are real. Through this activity book, you will love discovering the interesting facts and science behind the exciting story.

The Blue John’s Cavern Activity Book is available now at your favorite bookseller. Or, you can buy the Blue John’s Cavern Activity Book directly from Mini Me Geology (paperback) or my Payhip store (ebook).