Mini Me Geology

In 2004, I was invited to visit my son’s kindergarten class to talk about my career as a geologist. I did not think that 5 year-olds would understand the remediation work that I do with the environmental firm, so I gathered up a variety of rocks and minerals and showed them to the students and explained what geology is about. The children were thrilled when I let them take some of the rock samples home. At that point, the idea for Mini Me Geology was born.

I realized that my mission as a professional geologist was to show children and adults the wonders of Earth. Mini Me Geology is a site where children, parents, and educators can come to learn not only about great rocks and minerals but receive information about the science of geology. Our site offers rocks from around the world and kits not available anywhere else, project ideas for class or home, Ask-a-Geologist, puzzles to encourage learning, and curriculum ideas for teachers and homeschoolers.

Here are just a few examples of our rock and mineral kits for kids and fun individual samples.