Product Launch Quick Start Guide

The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Developing and Launching Your Physical Product

Launching a new product business can be daunting. The Product Launch Quick Start Guide eBook will help you choose and launch your product business quickly and successfully. The information in the eBook book is based on my 20 years in the product development and eCommerce business world and includes:

  • Choosing your product,
  • Setting up your business,
  • Developing your product,
  • Pricing Strategies,
  • Launching, Advertising, and Marketing.

The eBook includes worksheets to help you with each step of building your business. A separate excel file with all of the worksheets is included.

Also included are Word files with templates for a business plan and a marketing and advertising plan.

If you are ready to get started developing and launching your unique products, this eBook is for you. Each section gives you vital information for starting your business and worksheets to help you move forward in your entrepreneurship journey.

Files included:

  • Product Launch Quick Start Guide eBook (PDF Document)
  • The One Hour Business Plan (Word Document)
  • Advertising and Marketing Plan (Word Document)
  • Product Launch Quick Start Guide Spreadsheets (Excel Document)

Launch It Quick is available here.