Rock Detectives Camp Guide

The Rock Detectives Camp Guide is a hands-on curriculum for summer camps, schools, and home school. You will love teaching rock and mineral identification with this guide. It is perfect for summer camps and can adapt to a classroom setting and homeschool teaching.

Kids will learn to identify minerals, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, and igneous rocks with lessons, experiments, activities, and games. The last day features a study of the rock cycle and how Earth’s processes turn rocks from one form to another.

Each day has a specific theme:

  • Day 1 = Minerals
  • Day 2 = Igneous Rocks
  • Day 3 = Sedimentary Rocks
  • Day 4 = Metamorphic Rocks
  • Day 5 = Rock Cycle Day

The eBook provides puzzles, teaching activities, experiments, daily plans, and supply lists.

The Rock Detectives Camp Guide is available as a PDF download so that you can print the activity and puzzle pages for all of your students. Visit my Payhip store for details and to purchase.